Just ordered a markmont next. Itll be here in 2 days review comes next week

Like i said i just ordered it, gets here soon cant wait to throw itttt

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It should be here tomorrow i forgot no mail on sundays

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Ive been waiting all day its killing meee!!

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Did it arrive?

I’m waiting for a Burnside to get shipped, and it will probably ship with a Code 2. But, if certain plans work out a certain way, I’m going to gladly hold off until later in May to receive them hand delivered. I won’t mind if it works out that way.

Actually, I’m kind of hoping that’s how it works out! Sometimes, waiting can be the hardest part. Sometimes the waiting can be worth it. Yeah, I’d like it sooner, no question about it. But, what can be better than receiving a yoyo from a friend? Receiving TWO yoyos from a friend! But, what’s better than that? Finally getting to MEET that friend.

Be patient. That MMN will arrive soon!

Nah i sat at house all day and called yoyoexpert and they said itll be here tomorrow

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I wasn’t too happy with it. Looks cool, but it felt weighty to me and slow on the string. I like a little more float and speed. Didn’t seem too stable either, always fell off axis way early when practicing string tricks. It is super comfy in the hand though. The Project with a similar shape and look…much better imo. MN probably just didn’t click with me, but I’m curious to see if you notice the same.

I love it, review later

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