Just free-styling :D (Auldey Ares)

Auldey Ares testing and freestyle.

Are you using this routine for the Zorro contest? And do you know how to throw a breakaway?

No I am not using this for zorro’s contest. I also don’t know how to throw a breakaway. :wink:

You should learn. It’s the most important thing you’d ever learn.

haha I was just kidding, I do know how to throw a breakaway, but somehow I like the reverse spinning more.

You’re a joker you are. You should throw breakaways in your videos. It makes it look more professional.

Awesome as usual :slight_smile:

As for the throwing method, it’s just a matter of preference unless the spin direction is important to a trick, like rejections

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Not necessarily. If you can do some good tricks, it shouldn’t matter how you throw. If he learned to fix tilt with a certain spin direction, throwing a breakaway can give him some major tilt problems. Do what you prefer, not what other people prefer.

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