just curious

alright so i dont know if this is in the right page but since the Di Base 2 recently came out will the original Di base become collectible because this one came out? Will c3 stop producing the Di base? just curious

looks into crystal ball hmm… no

Unless they all magically catch fire they will never be collectable. To be collectable something usually has to be made in a limited quantity made and a good player

Strangely enough, one might also argue that the chances of finding a mid range throw still in entirely mint condition in 5 years or so may be relatively slim. It’s my understanding that the Dark Magic isn’t that all common these days, but they seemed to make a good amount of those.

My guess: Prices won’t rise, but they might become harder to find in mint condition over time. That goes for most things though ::slight_smile:

Okay thanks cause I was just curious seeing if it would end up like the original dark magic.

I don’t think the Di Base has quite the same cult status as the original Dark Magic (which I think was used to win a few comps) but who knows, the secondhand market is an odd place sometimes.