Just can't get the advanced tricks- hand starting yoyo


my hand starting yoyo method never catches the string, it just spins and gets jerked into the air and down again.


What yoyo are you using? If it’s somewhat unresponsive, you’ll have to start it and then bind it. Also, are you snap starting or thumb starting?


X-Convict O-ring response the gap is only a bit loosened from the tightest area possible, thumb starting


Ok I would suggest either tightening it as far as it’ll go (don’t overtighten!) or lossening it a bit so that it doesn’t grip and then (learn to if you don’t already know how to) bind.


lol now the strings falling away from me:O


What? If you mean what I think you mean, learn to bind.


i know how to bind, its just that sometimes my X-Convict is so unresponsive it’ll slip down even after three wraps in a bind, and im talking about starting the yoyo and pulling with my other arm so that itll somehow bind itself like in the demo video:D


He has his yoyo tightened all the way and probably even some thick lube in the bearing.

The X-ConVict definitely doesn’t need multiple wraps for a bind. Try working on your binding skills and you can get it then. If you want some good help with that, make a short video of you doing some binding and we can help you out then.