just another idea

Hey guys! so i got this idea for a series of tutorials but, first i would need to know who would be interested in it if i were to do this, and it go through with the idea.
Anyways, my idea is a series of tutorials for those “not quite trick” things, more or less elements you come up with and its like “ooh i could totally put this in a combo! and it would be totally cool!” sort of ordeal. anyways my idea is for those elements that everyone comes up with and just teach those elements just as it is, and not as a combo so that the person learning the element can implement it into a combo of their own and not someone Else’s. Plus the idea of this like tutorial series is to give people ideas in order for them to create their own combos and tricks. I think this could also help out with some people that are in a middle of a combo and they have no idea what to do then they can look at this little elements and be able to continue the combo or find the perfect way to finish one. Plus the other thing with these tutorials i would also add like what you can do from here once you’ve finished it. Also the tutorials would also show better transitions for tricks and shows with what works and what doesn’t. Anyways this was just a little idea i came up with in the middle of class today. So what do you think of this idea? :slight_smile:

I think it would be great for the community no doubt. The more learning sources the better. It’s quite the undertaking though. Writing and practicing scripts. Getting good video results. Trial and error of what works and doesn’t. I’m sure if you produce something many people will watch and be greatful for your efforts.

Sounds good to me

I got approximately 2 lines in and I can garauntee I’d watch them.

I actually like longer videos that breaks things down step by step works better for me also slow mo works too

Alright, seems like people would like this… I guess i will get started on this idea. The first one might be kinda rough, but, its going to come out also the videos will be longer. I am not sure if i can do slo mo but i will try my best if i can.