Just a small video

Of my fiancé and I doing what we love to do… Hope  you guys enjoy the video…

All feedback and comments are welcomed. I’m willing to hear how bad it is. Lol but anyways as I said, comments and feedback welcomed.

okay the video wasn’t that small. it was six minutes long. but hey. Still pretty good. Please forgive me if my camera and editing skills are not up to par with the rest of everyones videos. But if anyone does take the time to watch it. I’d appreciate any and all feed back. Thank you.

Carly is better then you. Lol. Sorry but I mean when she yoyos it looks like she’s having more fun.

But great video its bit too long try to keep in under 3 minutes.

Loved 4a. And start using something other then replay. Lol.

By she’s having more fun your combos looks like too easy. Now they ar not easy but you do them effortlessly. That’s a compliment.

They were doing two completely different styles, how can you say that one of them is better than the other?

You should get Carly to make a YYE account! She might benefit from it!

I’d you watch the whole vid she does a 1a combo on shutter and she has a account.

And I said Colby does them effortlessly now whether he should try a difficult combo.

I mean more difficult.

Awesome tips, thank you. Keep video under 3 min. I will definitely do that next time. And True I need to step it up a bit. So I agree with you there. I have fun yo-yoing, I just always seem to have a serious look on my face lol. I appreciate all the tips I can get to make sure my next video will be even better. and I know, she is definitely way better than I am. She doesn’t even do 1a. but she was able to learn kamikaze in like a week. took me a bit longer. Again Thank you guys for the feed back. I will make sure next video will be a lot better. and under the 3 minute mark. I have been trying harder combos lately… But We will see what happens.

I just really enjoy using the replay pro.