just a question

how come YYJ doesnt want to mix celcon with metal for their bi metals?

well here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,1456.0.html mage1342 said it would be his signature series, but I know that doesnt help you,but anyways I dont know why they dont do it,it sounds like it would be a heck of a yoyo for grinds and just awsome in general.

They are I believe coming out with one in a month or so. And Im a guy.

Yep. According to André from Mage they are working on it.

Also, gm user its not really his signature yoyo. Anyone can steal the idea - he doesnt have it patented.

Lol. So I will be an Eli Whitney eh? I didn’t patent it because I couldn’t and people stole it.

Haha, you’re fault for not patenting it!

Also, I think you would have to get permission from YYJ for using the metal rings. Not sure though.

Yeah. And they are creating a celcon bi metal so I was too late…

To answer your question, i think that celcon is heavy lol! If you look at lyn fury and hitman, they have the same weight, but hitman has metal, and lyn doesnt! So that means that celcon is quite heavy.

Due to that, a bi-metal with celcon would be a really heavy yoyo. That’s probably why they aren’t doing it, and so, actually the celcon with metal wouldn’t really be a rim-weighted yoyo, but more of an even weighted yoyo, since celcon is almost as heavy as the aluminium.

Well there is one posibility, and that is is the y make the yoyo smaller. Not mighty flea small but relativley smaller. This would make it a it lighter

It is very possible. :wink:

because poly cracks faster than celcon

yeah but celcon is heavy, and that is an issue! Poly i think is much lighter, so the rim-weightness is true, but if the weight rims and the celcon are the same weight, there’s not point of the metal rings.

I thought your signature had celcon too? Or was that someone else.

lol its not my sig, but it would be if i had a chance to make it. Thats why i also said that it would probably be 75 grams rofl ;D

But when i was designing it for fun, i wasn’t really thinking about that, i was just thinking of stealing mage’s idea for fun haha :wink: Well the weight rings would probably be made of steel rofl?