just a funny story


today i was yoyoing for some kids at a park and i was doing 5a and this older man walkes up ans says to me “whats that called again” I was polite and told him “its a yoyo sir” he kinda glared at me and said “i know its a yoyo but the way your doing it” i told him it was called counter weight and the man smiles and look at the kids saying “yeep i remember now i used to do that in 1979 when i was a 19year old”

I found this hilarious and decided not to let the man know that the style was created in 1999…

(Waylon) #2

I’ve had a lot of people who threw for five minutes in the nineties say things like that to me about yoyoing in general. I always smile and say something nice even when I know it’s BS.


Wait, older man? If he was 19 in 1979 he’s a bit younger than me. Good heavens, I must be an GULP “older man” as well.

Did I take my heart medicine this morning? I’m having such a hard time remembering these things anymore. What the… those neighbor kids a skateboarding down my drive again.

“Hey you, GET OFF MY LAWN!”


XD it wasn’t so much that he was old but the way he looked and acted i took him for older than he was


He was trying to be cool…


we know that.


I was 10 in 1979. When Jimmy Carter ruled the land, and the toy of choice was a Duncan Butterfly. Pretty sweet to know that 30+ years later I haven’t grown up at all.