JoshuaSAVAGE(bandanaface) VS. GM user (OVER)

Josh (bandanaface)

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After 1 week of voting (or more),
the winner is, me!
thanks to all who voted,
twas fun,
Good game GM,
and everything like that.

Final score:


I think you should make a poll. I’m more comfortable voting when there’s no chance of upsetting someone when both are friends.

Can I make it a thread through modification?
Didn’t seem to find it.

At the bottom or top there is an “Add Poll” button. It should be next to the reply button on the bottom or top. Hope this helps!

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Ok, got everything working.

Josh was a lot more smooth. I didn’t like the music though.

GM user almost got my vote because of his blurry friend in the background…

What was the music on the first video? Sounded like CoB to my ears… My vote goes to Bandanaface. A lot smoother and better overall performance. GM user had some great tricks there but this time it was victory for experience instead of creativity.

Thanks. :]
The music was Agape by For Today.

I’m scared of commenting on his blurry friend in the background because I know it might be bad in the long-run.

Hahahah same here

Good game

Yup, Joshua schooled me.

We had a bet, loser gives winner $500. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

JK! I have to subscribe to him with my other account.



Cool beans.

Close thread?
yes no?

Uhh that would be his mom -awkward moment- ::slight_smile:

That’s why I didn’t say anything.