Josh Yee's US Nationals 2013 Video

Guys. I saw this.
and my heart stopped. Some super killer stuff here.


Very great job, Haru! You just keep upping the ante. I’m so happy I’m in this video :smiley:

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Where are you? What time in the vid?

Josh always makes great contest videos, and this one is no exception. Great job capturing the overall feel, makes me feel like I was there in a way.

Does anybody know where all those nightime shots where?
Great vid!

I love all tun lol throwers doing their thing in that video. Great to see some familiar faces and some not so familiar.

they were all probably outside the holiday inn

I’m right at the 5:00 mark! I’m surprised I got such a long clip.

Great little session Jordan! Great video compilation I’ve watched it a few times now and honestly it’s always great to see the world through someone else’s POV.

Thats you! haha

  1. your 10x better than i thought
  2. i was hanging around you a little, i dont now if you remember, but me and Supbreh1234 asked you to go as fast as you can with the speedaholic.
    good times…
    ( i was also the one with ther classic in hand)

simply mind blowing :stuck_out_tongue:

that something! at 6:55 is incredible…

Thank you for the kind words! Sometimes I get nervous because I have no idea how my tricks look on camera. From my POV, they look ok and they turned out decent in the video, so I’m very satisfied. Thank you Haru for giving me such a long clip in the video :open_mouth: I think I may I have the longest part…

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