Josh Yee x Spider-man 2011

Spider-man is a yoyo created by Vong Kin Ian. I picked this up at worlds and it quickly became my favorite yoyo for 1A. If you get the chance to pick one up, do so!

Thanks for watching



winz :smiley:

wow that was so awesome i have to make a list

  1. the yoyo is epic
  2. your hair is also epic
  3. the tricks are epic
    4.oh and did i forget to mention the video was EPIC :o ;D ;D


what company made the yoyo

that was incredible.

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Some of those weird suicide catches was pretty sick. Nice vid.

Since Spider-Man has always been my favorite superhero, I will definitely that thing full of legitness. :slight_smile:

He did… And didn’t.

Dude what in the hay,
Why you being so hostile toward everything about me. On facebook, and here too? Cmon man. haha.

But yeah, Im not worlds 1A level yet sadly. But maybe someday.


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Cool vid. Got some questions about the yoyo, but was wondering if you were planning on posting a review of that up in the Reviews area?

It looks on the wide side, but it could be the shape makes it look to be extra wide. I’m looking at at getting a high-end metal fairly soon. Maybe that might be something I should consider.

he didnt make it.
awesome tricks josh! do u always have the green hair?
remember that trick at worlds? you did it in forward motion. it has to do with like 2 eifel tower things. can you do that in a vid?
great vid!!!

Nice video dude. Also I need to know how much that thing costs when I Googled it I only found this thread and another video (plus some really cheep Spider-Man themed yoyos.)…

And what’s the name of the song?

I bought the yoyo for 45.
Its not going to be available in the US as far as I know and I heard he isn’t making any more since the last run.

The song is “Love at first sight” by Fear, and loathing in las vegas.


But, but… How will I get one in my talons now!

awwww it looks awesome :frowning: wish i could get one

Cool vid Josh!

I like the camera angles you used too.

Dang… I knew you were good (heard about it), but I didn’t know you were that good. the 1.5 mount and then a fake gt then a 360 suicide, then going into a tower and then another fake gt suicide is really cool. I think I’m gonna try learning that.

Good video as always Josh

Amazing video, and nice hair. Lol at first i thought it was just weird lighting.