Join the Revolution!

Hi guys! So it’s been a hectic and long process, but it’s finally here! YoYoJam and I proudly present to you: The Revolution. It’s my new signature series yo-yo that is specifically built for any player who wants to go from beginner to expert with ease. The Revolution has a new aluminum axle system that brings the metal rimmed yo-yo together as if it was a completely solid metal body. This results in a very stable yo-yo. This new construction also allows for two bearing sizes to be used as you progress from your first throw to the most complex string tricks. And in addition, I made a new video promoting the Revolution! Enjoy!

For more details about the yo-yo, pictures and video, check out:


Awesome. Now I know what my next throw is going to be! :smiley:

Sweet! Can’t wait for July 1st.

Played one. It’s amazing

This one is a WINNER!

Grant has one amazing new yo-yo!

Join the Revolution at YoYoExpert July 1st!

thats one to try…


Woo. July 1st!

Probably in the $40 to $50. That is my guess.
Anyone know the what the response system is?

awesome i saw his vid on youtube of when he was small and that kinda inspired me to start yoyoin :smiley: he is such a pro!!!
but dont think ill be gettin this yoyo :-[

What is the official price?

Weeeeell ya’ knooow.

Oh, a yoyo?!
Well nevermind then.

Grant said that its $45 in the comments to his video on YouTube.

That is deffinatly Los Angeles. about 1 mile from my home :slight_smile:

that yoyo just looks soooo awesome!!!
Grant Johnson is one of my favorite yoyoers!

Really nice video

Dude that is a sick video

dude nice vid i live down the street from randy’s donuts i also spoted alvara street!

I just ordered 1 !!! got it in blue
cant wait!!!

yes i just ordered the red one i cant wait