John Higby Campfire for trade

Want to trade or this John Higby Campfire. From what i know these are pretty rare i believe there were only 20 made. I have the box. Cool little pocket yoyo. Pretty awesome player for its size. Has some small damage most are difficult to get in picture. Also has some vibe that im sure can be tuned out. I would like to get some other CLYW for trade but im open to other offers! To get in contact with me faster it would be best to text me at 4807102962

Some good offers. I would really like to get a cheif. I would be willing to throw in some money depending on the yoyo

I am fortunate to have one of these. I think there were even less then 20 made! I think there were maybe like 15. This is a really unique throw! Definitely recommend picking it up if you are a CLYW collector or even if you enjoy pocket throws!!!

The yoyo trade is pending