FT: Campfire Coals Edition


Note: If we arrange to ship during the week of 2/18/13 I won’t be able to ship until Friday or Saturday…money’s tight!

This is a CLYW Campfire- Coals edition. There are only 22 of them, you’re looking at one. I got this in a trade some time ago and have enjoyed it a lot but am now willing to part with it.

[b]The ano is rubbed off on the spikes

There are a few small marks that don’t effect play

Only one half has silicone in it, that’s how I got it. It still binds tightly usually and you could easily silicone the other half if you wanted

This yoyo is smooth, rare, and fun[/b]

What I’m looking for: (Slightly in order of wantness)
Dif E Yo- Rev 1 Over Haul or Juggernaut
Spintastics- Great White Shark (Special editions >> )
Buzz On- Element Xs
Foxland Precision
Square Wheels
Yomega (the original HWHW etc.)

Some of those throws are pretty obscure but that’s why I want them. I’d like for them to be in good shape. Just get at me!