John Ferrell - Lake Powell YYF Edit

Hello!  This is my first vid post here, and I need honest answers.  I’ve been throwing for more than 10
years and am looking to step my game up from my current repertoire.  I was humbled to be one of the four winners of the yoyofactory #yoyostatue instagram contest (, and I took my winnings up to Lake Powell with me and shot a video.  This is a very accurate reflection of my current skill level.  I’m looking to those more seasoned veteran throwers to point me in a good direction for learning new tricks/techniques that are at my level.


It looks like that was a lot of fun to make that video.

For direction on new tricks, I will let others answer. For technique, I would say work on flow. Increased smoothness between and within elements will up your game. After that a touch more speed.

Thanks for posting the video.