Jensen's new style....

So, I’ve been playing around with this and it is ridiculously fun. But to my knowledge, it doesn’t have a name. I propose the name “Strongarm.” Any takers or suggestions. XD

Also, this is the style.

I’ve been playing around with that as well. I’ve found you can do some neat stuff with drop suisides and such.

Yeah, its really cool. I like that you can be sort of hands free without dropping the yoyo everywhere too.



I thought i read somewhere that he wants to call it 1a freehand. But strongarm is waaay cooler. And yes, it is very fun.

Free Mobius! It’s fun but it’s hard to do Follow.

Isn’t it called tourniquet?

yeah it’s called tourniquet

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I guess thats kinda cool. I like strongarm beter. XD


Strongarm has been used to describe catching a laceration with the inside of your elbow. See :12 in this video:

I’m sad now. XD

While it is great for some I do not see the sense of innovation that it could bring but that is merely my opinion. The style itself seems a bit complicated and is a upgrade of “Switch style” or whatever it is called. Yeah, Drewtetz named it “Tourniquet” which is a good name for it.

I dunno, Zammy, I gotta disagree. It really forces you to play much much differently. Though I’m only scratching the surface, i can definitely see the possibilities. That being said, if you don’t utilize what you have when playing it, it just feels like awkward 1A.

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This is epic and it doesn’t hurt your finger plus you can do your normal tricks

Buaha, why are we not talking about this on facebook? :wink: Its chill to disagree man. :] That it does to force a person due to the elongated string, it just may be what you said for surface scratching. I’m not sure where the possibilities lie that people are seeing? That seemed to be my issue when I tried it, and until someone shows me my stance remains nuetral on it. :]

@kingroxas You do make a point about how it does not hurt the finger, that is a definite plus.


Zammy, not trying to make a hot at you by what I’m about to say.

But maybe you look at this the way that I look at moebius. Not really all that great.

You have swayed me on that a bit over this last year though. :smiley:

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Not hot under my skin at all man, why should I be for a simple disagreement? Its all chill. I love the way Jensen’s thinking it and do not get me wrong there is no hate from me on it, I just remain neutral. I believe that is partial to no expansion on it yet. Much like what you said Q, things need to grow in order in order to shine. I so hope He continues to try and create more material for it.

Glad we feel the same way.