JENSEN to SoCal contest Jan 26 ??

Yes. Please.

lol, that wouldn’t be fair, we all know who would win haha

I’m not even going, all the way across the country, I just want him at contests again! worlds maybe? Perhaps?

yes!!! please bring him

Yeah, me.


That means yes.

100% YES. Jensen is amazing, and I’m sure we would all love to see some more of him!

That’d be sweet, do it!


I lie so hard.

Any news on if this is happening or not?

Is he coming? SoCal is tommorow


Was he there??


Now that’s sad.

I agree. I assumed this was something planned as a way to get attention.
I guess I assumed wrong. I wonder what it was all about?

Maybe that is all part of the marketing genius

Sorry guys , my passport did not show up as yet . so we could not attend . on the bright side look at CLYW new video (GOLDMINE) with Jensen and Chuck …