Jensen Kimmitt Freestyle

Hey, I’m new here.

Check out my freestyle from The ECGAS Edmonton Show :smiley:

Click for HD

Jensen, I have to say, that was awesome! Not your fastest freestyle, but it’s right up there on my list of awesomeness! Welcome to Yoyoexpert and I cant wait to see ya at BAC!

Raymond Pruitt

Thanks Raymond. I’ve been trying to get some blues out lately, so I’m putting some emotion onto the canvas.

Not confirming BAC yet.

Oh man guys, Jensen is gettin the paint out! Get ready for some awesomeness!!

Great show! I love that new tunnel trick at 1:33.

By the way, you should come to MAR this year if you can. Joe has a tentative date (May 8th).

nice vid jensen ;D

Hey Jensen! I love this freestyle, awesome tricks. :wink:

Soooooo stylish.

Pretty chill Freestyle.

jensen, that was beast.

Hey jensen, do you play an instrument?
How you link your tricks together with music is genius. I almost wouldn’t doubt you have had a musical past or still play something.

Thanks! I took piano lessons, but only because my Grandma would rent me video games if I did. I never stuck with any instruments. I can play a mean kazoo though.