Jensen Kimmit's Worlds Routine

What is the trick at 1:38?


im not sure, but i’d like to know too.

Just a cool seasick variation

Just so you know 99% of freestyles don’t really have certain tricks in them. They are mostly variations and new creations.


most tricks dont have names.

I don’t know what it is but it looks like a seasick from a GT.

It’s a trick he made up. As Icthus said almost all freestyles are original tricks and combos, and not old stuff. As other people have said, also to me it looks like some cool Seasick variation he made up.

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Yep, I’m almost positive it’s a seasick in a Green Triangle.

Haha, I was about to put exactly what icky and x52 put.

What people need to realize is the tricks most contest winners do are unique and difficult. They aren’t just some tricks that are in tutorials and easily learned.

Thanks for the feedback. The trick is pretty cool…