Jekyll and Hyde

I finally was able to make a new video. So here it is:
constructive critisism welcome.

Try cleaning up your 5a play and you would be awesome.JUst thought i would give you my little 2 cents.

very nice . . . how long you been throwin for

okay, I think most of my 5A I hit pretty clean except for the last 5A trick, thanks though.

I have been throwing 2 years 3 months and 20 days total. the first year was spent mostly on a at-first responsive FAST 201, learning from Prima’s Yo-Yo Book:From Beginner To Spinner. as I went along I taght myself a bind when my FAST 201 got more unresponsive.

what kind of counterweight was that

it looked like the one miguel correa used in his tuts

It is a white YYF Spin Top Button, I bought it at US National contest in October.
I think I have seen him use one in some of his tutorials.