Java programming

Well, I am starting to learn Java programming (From a book), and I was just wondering, does anyone here do Java programming? Just looking out for any tips.

I’ve been wanting to. I’m fairly sure I’ll be able to take a class next year where I can learn some. I hear the syntax is pretty crazy…

My brother, does. I just do C++. Though, my brother’s advice would probably be “don’t”… heh heh. Any particular reason for learning java?

I’m taking a Java Programming class at my school.

I guess I know a little bit of C++

I also started learning html, JavaScript, CSS, and planning to learn PHP as well.

Well, it’s the holidays and I am interested in developing some apps for the Android market.

There are a ton of resources for learning programming languages. HTML, CSS, Java, C, C++, and Php (perhaps even Python, Ruby, or Perl) are great to learn. What’s most important about learning programming languages (from my experience) is that you actively apply and practice what you are learning each day.