This guy ‘stepped up’ & pm’ed me showing his true interest in a yoyo which i’m selling.told him the paypal email details & he sent payment in less than a day’s time(job well-done).showed no sign of impatient & a great guy to deal with.hoping for another transaction with this guy :smiley:


I’ve had a similar experience with jasonwongzero. He’s quick, concise and just a great guy overall.


transaction couldn’t have went any smoother - got my yo yo early :slight_smile:

man knows how to do business…




I’ve had the honor of both buying from him and trading him. There is nothing better he can do. He packs great, he ships great. Everything about him is awesome, nuff said.


Jason is totally legit, generous, and just an awesome asset to the yoyo community.


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Off-topic, I have officially been referring to the new Jason Woo clothing line at Target as the “jasonwongzero line.” Not that it’s in any way related, just a random funny tidbit. Jason is the man, always willing to lend helpful advice!


Indeed. He is an awesome guy! :slight_smile:


jason is totally legit.

I shipped him my Ti Walker (Gulp!) and my OD Sovereign for a Ti anodizing. Man that was a scary package to send off to a stranger! He kept me informed (Hey, got them today…) and the AMAZING results were returned quickly and securely.

I just wish I could get him to do a custom aluminum ano-job for me…

BTW: Jason, if you read this, I LOVE what you did with the trade :slight_smile:

(YoYoStringLab) #10

Just an update for those that don’t know how great Jason is to work with. I purchased one of Jason’s cigar box yoyo display cases. He is just plain easy to deal with. Quick, responsive communication, fast shipping, careful packing. Jason is a class act.

Oh man, I love this display case.


a bit of a necro, but it’s okay since it’s to praise jasonwongzero. :wink:


You guys are too kind! Glad you like the yoyos and yoyo cases. :slight_smile:

I’ve been throwing my halo while running around London during Christmas. Getting lots of stares, mostly from little kids and old men. Heh.

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