JasonWong America BvM, FG BvM2 (Looking for BA Majesties/Peak/More)

I have two throws here today.

Custom Jason Wong BvM
Looks awesome. America themed, half blue, half red, with silver stars in the catch zone. Has some ano flaws and is sorta dirty in the blue half’s cup, but plays great. Some minor marks on the rim, but great condition. Near mint. A fairly early work by Jason.

Fool’s Gold CLYW BvM Round Two
Yogi edition. Fool’s Gold for minor ano flaws and some vibe on grinds. Nicest looking Yogi I’ve seen hands down. Some small marks on the rims, but near mint.

BA Majesties
A BLUE BA MAJESTY (or half blue) will take both with no questions
Nice Peak
Draupnir, Dazzler, ANGLAM, High end Bi-metals
Clear Rally? As a sweetener
Yeti? As a sweetener
Skywalkers (nice colorways are a plus, mint Cherry Blossom would take both)
Titanium of course
Just offer high end things, I’ll respond to everything.

Apologies for the low quality pics.