BvsM, QS2, Mayhem

I’ve been kind of out of the BST game for a while. If you don’t think my prices are fair/current, we can negotiate.

CLYW Bear vs Man. 2nd run, pink. A couple pinpricks…I got this when it came out over three years ago, and it’s done almost nothing but sit since then. $105.
AnY Quicksilver 2. Clear anodized. One side has the sawtooth engraving filled in with black, the other side it’s left clear. Several dings. One of the most beautiful sounds of any yoyo I’ve thrown. $95.
Duncan Mayhem. Gold. Brand new, in its box which I have never opened. $60.

As far as trades go…if it isn’t on this list, please refrain from offering it. Failure to do so will constitute an unlimited revocation of your privilege, so to speak, of not being my forum punching bag for the next while.

Very pretty YYJs (clear, enyo, etc)
Peak, from the first run.
Gnarwhal…Palli Puffin or Bip Bop version preferred, any other colorways offered must be pretty.
Bapezilla, preferably all-blue or blue/silver, but I’ll take regular.
FH1, green. White caps preferred.
BigYos, don’t care super much about the color.
54, not black, yellow, or red. Minus points for half-and-half (not fade).

I’m not one of those idiots who requires mint yoyos. Dings are okay. But if you’ve gone and satined the rims of the anodized yoyo you’re offering…I value it at $10.

PM if your willing to still sell or trade your orange bvm