Jason Lee BST Part 1/5: M W/ Box Jason Lee 888 + Limited Edition Art Print

Hey everyone,

As some of you may know, Jason Lee and I have been collaborating on a few things lately. Jason has a personal collection of 5 of his signature throws which represent 10 years of yoyoing, and one per week will be sold in this thread alongside something else that is special. I will be handling this thread and getting addresses, but the payment will be sent to Jason’s paypal and Jason will ship your yoyo to you.

[u][b]Part 1: Jason Lee 888 and Exclusive Jason Lee art print

[/b][/u] $300



Yoyo was taken of out of the box for the photo, but comes mint with cardboard box and satin pouch.

Here’s the deal:

  1. The $300 from the sale of this yoyo will be dispersed amongst 4 people (Jason Lee, the Severance family, the artist that created that print and me).

  2. For the $300 price, you get a $20 print that Jason will take care of. Pay more, and the print gets upgraded.

When you buy the yoyo, I will put Jason Lee in touch with you if you want. As stated above, payment will be sent directly to Jason’s paypal. Message me if you’re interested, and I’ll get you Jason’s paypal as well as put you in touch will Jason.


instagram: @jasonleecifer



Thanks for checking this out, and keep your eyes open for more…

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So it’s a $280 888?

Can we get more pics? Is this a older 888 anything super special?

Im gonna take a guess and say that you’re gonna get roughly 90% of the sales from this and you just mentioned the other two parties simply for people to buy this yoyo for an outrageous price.

trust man trust

Normally wouldn’t reply in a thread but it’s already near the top so whatever

He’s already stated that it’s mint with box. From the picture it would certainly appear to be a 1/72 black Jason Lee 07 888w. I certainly agree that people might be more inclined to make such a purchase with a clear picture of the yoyo in question instead of a 75% selfie 25% blurry dark yoyo pic.

No comment on the actual OP or anything else lol


C’mon guys it’s going to a good cause. That fact that you guys are being so disrespectful is very rude towards this guys trying to help Jason, and the Severance family who are all going through the worst.

Well, after what happened with Heath, I think you can’t blame people for being skeptical.

However, I chose to trust the OP and Jason, because I prefer believing people are trustworthy than being paranoid, it’s easier to live with ^^

edit: we are naughty YYE members, we disregard the forum rules by bumping this thread…


I was merely just curious why the yoyo was so expensive… But I guess I realize.

Um, yea…

Bump. Also includes a print of Jason Lee’s personal photography.

To explain better, Jason lee has gathered a group of 100 yoyoers, artists, videographers, backpackers etc. This sale is to prove to the artist who is a member of the 100 that his work is worth money.

I genuinely appreciate everyone’s input on this, good or bad. The money from this is not going straight into Jason’s pocket or mine, it’s for others and to fund other big things coming within the near future. I understand people’s problem with the price, and if you’re not interested then feel free to think it’s absurd.