Japan National Semi Final


Does anyone know the time EST for the semi final


Seems like they’re already done with semis


oh I missed it. What about finals?

I was just freaking out that I couldn’t find Iori, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Ryota Ogi or the other champions but then I remembered they were seeded :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like JN is a 2 day event, so Finals is maybe tomorrow?

Also interesting to see the finals order; Hiroyuki isn’t competing in 1A and neither Takuma Inoue or Takeshi are competing in 5A


Do you know the actual time?


Where will thye live stream it?

(will they?)



5A finals is on now and then lunch break and then 1a finals looks like its time for an all nighter


There have been some awesome performances, I think seeded players are the next 6