January Cleaning - YYF, X3, General Yo + PlayStation Vita & MORE / PRICE DROP

Hey guys. Moving bills around, getting ready for Cal States and some extra expenses coming
Price includes shipping to the US on all items.
Please no trades

Paypal only

First off,
PlayStation VITA with PlayStation All-Stars and a 4gb memory card (and cables)
$200 $190

And now on to the yoyo stuff

Skywalker Soda Blast - Light scratches as seen in the picture.

RecREV SCBL (I think thats what it is called). Almost all of these were recalled due to vibe. This one is as smooth as butter. It has been released in Japan since then.
$65 $55

X3 La Gaoutte - Perfect condition
$85 $80

Foxland ThunderWasp - good but not perfect condition
$50 $40

Rec REV No.9 with beats

String Theory Orion - Dings shown in picture
$60 $50

YYF MVP - As pictured
$65 $60

General-YO Enthos - very light scuffing
$70 $65

General-YO Torrent 2 - very light scuffing
$70 $65 - SOLD

String Theory Singularity - great condition
$70 $65

YYF Nova - Beats

Skywalker sold

Prices Dropped - Bump

sigh bump