FS/FT: UPDATEDx3 (YO-YO DAY SALE $150 for everything or bust) YYFR Mini Ti, spyglass, C3

Decided to do my own yo-yo day sale bc these gotta go.
:rotating_light::rotating_light: $150 for everything or bust :rotating_light::rotating_light:

Shipping in CONUS only. free shipping if you buy two or more otherwise $5 for shipping. If you would like photos of individual yoyos dm me. Thanks for looking. Shoot me an offer.

If you use G&S, add 3% of the given total to cover fees


Hybrid Fulvia - preferably clear but any color is okay
UnparalleledxsOMEThiNG SU1 - blank on black colorway
Honestly I’d consider anything for trade

Left to right top to bottom:


G2 Arbiter X Brass - Sold
G2 AL7 Covenant - Sold
C3 Neomaster Galaxy - dead smooth NMTBS: $30
C3 Radius - very very minor fingernail vibe, small scuff (see photos below): $30


AL Duncan Freehand - fingernail vibe: $15
Harmonic by Motion - w/ box very minor pulse vibe/fingernail vibe, I think the rings need to be reset, also two light scuffs (see photo below): Sold
Mk1 Spyglass - w/ box smooth, small pinpricks on the rim (see photo below): $65
Vosun Gravity Escape - honestly not bad player at all. I was impressed with it. smooth: $35


Dressel Designs Assassin - Sold
YYFR mini Ti - I anodized this one myself | I’ll link a post I made for it so you can see it in all its glory, smooth, tiny pricks/scuff(?) (see photo below): $70

I have the boxes for the Spyglass and Radius.

Photos of damage:


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Some price drops and added link to feedback

Bump. Harmonic Sold

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Open to trades

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Bump. This will be one of the last if not the last update