January 2015 (Erik Kerber)

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Hey guys I havn’t made a new video for a while because I went through the process of getting a new desktop and switching video editors but I now own Adobe Premeire elements 13 which is a pretty nice editor I’m really liking it. Oh! and I made a small mistake and left 4 minutes of blackness at the end of the video so no the video is not 6 minutes long.

What do you think?


Nice. Btw, what was that animal at 0:53?

(Erik Kerber ) #3

Thgat is a calico cat I didnt realize it made it in the video :smiley: that cat showed up at are place about 2 weeks ago and it has gotten very freindly. (yes when yoiu live on a farm stray cats just show up)

Also I fixed the link so its embedded now


Nice video, but you could have zoomed in a little bit more. It was hard to see.

(Erik Kerber ) #5

That is the one problem with gopros they dont have zoomand if you crop to much then it looks all grainy so thats about the most I could crop with out it looking bad


Love the tech my man. You always put together some nice stuff Eric

(Erik Kerber ) #7

Thanks Glad you liked it