Adrian Velez: Current

Hey guys! Just made a new video! Hope you all take the time to watch it! Would mean so much to me! Thank you!

Nice video Adrian

Did you use 2 seperate cameras for that or do all the tricks twice?

do all the tricks twice :slight_smile:

Well good job than I wouldn’t have the patience for that

only took 10 minutes to film lol

oh Nice

You got those tricks pretty consistent then

yeah lol. I’ll help you next time you film a video.:slight_smile:

Smoother than peanut butter. Really nice.

What kind of peanut butter?

And WOW that was an EXCELLENT video! Whew.

im allergic To peanuts. :expressionless: but thank you all! :slight_smile:


That was pretty awesome. I really like your stop and go. Those always look awesome with a unresponsive yoyo.


i didnt want my mind to be intact, so thnx 4 blowing it up! :smiley: