Janos Karancz Chopsticks Flip Trick

I am wanting to learn the trick that Janos does when he gets into the Chopsticks-like thingy and does two flicks, one into the yoyo, the other onto his thumb. Does anybody have a tutorial for that one?



A lot of tricks won’t have tutorials as they are pretty specific to the player who created it.
I know many players I have spoken to can’t even try to teach some of their tricks because it is so based on muscle memory and their own mind that teaching it and breaking down steps is almost impossible.
My best advice would be to try to watch the trick as many times as you can, download it, play it slow motion, and try to figure it out. Also, doesnt hurt to try to ask the player him/herself and see if they might have some advice on a breakdown.
Best of luck.

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Yeah, it’s probably one of those kind of things.

Thanks for the tips.

or press the space bar on YouTube to slow it down.

is this the one you mean?

I don’t know, video link didn’t work for me.

Oh, got it to work. No, that’s not the one I mean. He goes into a chopsticks thing.

Post a video and the time it’s on, maybe that’ll help us understand.

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=shciac0cgqg is it this trick? I don’t find a suitable tut aswell :-[

Dang, that is a sweet trick. Janos is so creative.

Is the trick in this video at all? If so, where? Not sure if anyone has seen this video, but another amazing performance I figured y’all might like.

Yes it is in second 45/46. Awesome performer this guy. Now I know why I should go on learning rejections. Haven’t done yet and I find it kind of tricky.