Jacob Vaughn Summer 2015

Hello everyone, i just released a new video! hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

any constructive criticism and/or questions are welcome!

It’s amazing how many good throwers there are on this forum.



The throwing was spectacular! Framing could have been better, but it didn’t detract from DEM SKILLZ!

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ya lol i was using a barely functional flip camera, needless to say it wasnt the best quality ever.

Just a minor criticism from a filming standpoint, perhaps back the camera off just a bit so that you can see the full trick, rather than going out of frame. Otherwise, cool stuff!

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The tricks in the video are overall impressive, but I think my favorite has to be the one at 1:10. Something about behind the back horizontal tricks is just super crazy to me.

I also love Ratatat’s music :D. They actually just recently released a new album on the 17th too.

you use a crazy long string

ya lol i use full length kitty

@angrygumball i will keep that in mind, also thanks!