Who’s going?

So far it’s


I can’t work and all lol.

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This isn’t the BST section, try to keep trading and selling in the BST section.

i know castedyoyoer on youtube is going

yeah i met him at a yoyo meet in union square

Do you have to be good to go? Or can you go just to watch and hang out?

I heard its at the Pennsylvania Hotel, right across the street from penn station. And I think I will be seeing some of you there. And no you don’t have to be good to enter. Im not sure how to enter in the first place.
Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

Yeah you can watch and hang out. I’m not that great, but I’m doing sport ladder and watching the finals.

i am hanging out

I’m in.

Alright, I will just go to hang out and meet some new people then. See you guys there.

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