Iwasawa Hook


Took me a few days to get it, I did it yesterday but didnt have my video camera with me. Special thanks to zach!  ;D


Cool, That cause double hook in one time.

Happy throwing! =]


Thats awesome.

Is it just another wrap around your finger? Same whipping motion?

I could never get this…


I can only do it with Perfect Fit Strings and Element Strings…


ooh i wanna see ur iwasawa hook


Like a video?


yea maybe




You can do it with any string.

Remember, anything is possible.

Isn’t that a Hidemasa Hook with another wrap? Good job, though. :wink:


Yep!!! Double hook.

Happy throwing! =]


Nope , double on hook.

Iwasawa hook is an easy trick. (For me anyways. :P)


it should be easy you can do a iwasawa tower laceration

(SR) #13

Hey gm user, I noticed that you wear cammo pants in alot of your vids. It’s funny, just noticed.Great vid though.

(Johnny T) #14

Its cause he’s a war veteran. LOL. :smiley: