I've done it.

(Owen) #1

I’ve created the perfect username. Or screen name. Or name in general.

I’m pretty proud of me.

The name is ironic and only some people will get the joke that it is. Huzzah me!


Eh, Mike Hawk is better.


This is inappropriate. Delete please.




Lol, lost your touch eh :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if this guy was a rude person the name isn’t bad.

(Ellie) #6

LMAO are you seriously offended over an overused joke


Owen Ekblad or whatever tf your name was?

I don’t get the joke.


Some one PM me and explain the joke.

(Owen) #9

Or, even better, you can explain it here and get this post deleted!

At least that seems to be the logic around here.


Correction, someone PM me to explain the joke to me


No need for that. Mike Hawk is the nicest of Tony’s family, next to Riley, and he’s always stood up for me when needed.

(Ellie) #12

your sig is giving me a stroke


I’m so triggered I literally can’t.


Oh thank god I thought it was broken.

(Ellie) #15

i cant rn babe