It's Cold Here On Pluto (Teaser)

Almost have money for my camera so here’s a teaser, video coming shortly

That was Pretty Beastly…

weirdly enough, when I turn my TV down to mute I can still hear stuff… The tricks were great though!

(edit: To clarify, I watched this video on my TV. When I heard the music I immediatly muted the TV. Turns out the mute on my TV doesnt actually mute, just makes it really quiet…)

The yoyoing was awsome, the music was pathetic Btw language warning.

Wow that is pretty awesome yoin!

There is no such thing as pathetic music.

Your tastes just are not akin to his.

Don’t be a “my opinion on music is superior to yours”

radical dude

i guess your right, let me refrase that “i didn’t like the music” though, to be truthful, my music taste is rather off beat.

HEY that was great! just maybe a new song. you were at BAC right? i remember seeing you there by the vs. newton yoyo concepts table thingy.