Todays youtube spotlight.


Thought this was worth sharing. its todays spotlight on youtube


Yay! Youtube recognition!


Holy crap! That’s awesome!


Pretty darn awesome! ;D


(Khent G) #6

on my mind…





AWESOME! Though this makes me nervous… whenever a yoyo video gets famous (paul dangs cascade video) a lot of non-yoyoers make negative/childish comments. Though youtube did pick some of the best recent yoyo videos so it should give us some good cred!


wow… everytime I see his video … i am just :o I still can’t get over how well he went to with the music.


yoyo’s in space what he said is wrong take a look
they actually do work in space :wink:


Awesome! It’s nice to be noticed.


I saw that!!! I thought those were just suggested videos! So cool :smiley:


Speaking of Yoyo’s on youtube did anybody see the feature on equals(=3)? I would post a link but this is a pg forum right? In case you don’t what it is I’m talking about, it’s the most subscribed channel on youtube, so I thought it was pretty cool.