ISO CLYW BvM. FS: Copper Pot Arctic Circle, 888x, sweeeet OG FHZ.


Hello! My name is Ryder Rogers. I was a yoyoer and active forum member back when yoyonation was a thing, hahaha. Now I’m self-supporting myself through my final year of college at UC Santa Barbara, and would like some help from the yoyo community!

**Update: I would like to trade my three yoyos for one yoyo and a little cash. This will be the yoyo that I retire with. I am seeking an original CLYW BvM (my first yoyo), gnarwhal, peak… open to all offers of old, cool throws.

I don’t check the forums much at all anymore. Please text 7606952876 if you are interested in a throw, or want more pics/info. Thanks and happy throwing ;D

-CLYW Arctic Circle (Copper Pot).
Skuffs all around the rim, none affecting play. Perfect beater or first metal! $60 OBO

-OneDrop Markmont Next.

-YYF 888x.
Very very near mint, can’t find flaws. Needs one new o-ring for hubstacks to function properly (~$1)
$45 OBO

Not mint. Still very awesome. Clear, silicone recess, weight rings.

Please text 7606952876 if you’re interested.

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