Is Your YoYo Factory Bearing Engraved w/YYF

I’ve noticed in alot of Pics of the YYF YoYos that the Bearing has YYF Engraved on the flat round part

Now do these come stock or do you have to buy em seperate, because I purchased A 2010 G5, Protostar, and DV888 and not a single one of the bearings have the YYF engraved on them. Does is depend on where I purchased em?

my popstar came with one 8)

The ones that say YYF are SPEC bearings. If you look at the yoyos you mentioned, it says size C, but if you look at a popstar, it says

Large SPEC Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

That is the difference.

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Standard SPEC should have YYF engraved in them.
Centertrack has no engraving, and the yoyo that YYF outsource to china would come with unengrave bearing, as seen on first batch of PGM V2, 2010 G5, first batch 888X, 2011 DV888, and superwide.
But they work as well as the engraved one.

please correct me if Im wrong though.

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well I bought Protostar, DV888, and a 2010 G5 and none have this on it. But I understand the spec thing. Could it be that different locations have different set ups for sale. I mean I bought all my throws here with none of them having the spec mark. Maybe if I got a throw some where else would they come with one. Or could be a photo thing that they use spec bearings for the photos. I don’t know, oh well no biggy. Just curious (like george,lol) is all. I do understand the spec thing I have seen it in the YoYo Details part. Anyway Thanks for the input everyone

Not sure about the others, but my superwide came with a spec unless there are other bearings that come with YYF on them

Stores should have nothing to do with what bearing is in your yoyo.