is this trick possible?

before i waste any more time trying it wanted your input. simply put, it’s a ninja vanish wear you let go right after you start it and then catch it in the triangle.

Anything is possible.

I would suggest really exaggerating the twist you do with your hand to open the triangle so that it opened enough for you to catch it like a whip.

Idk if its what you’re talking about but right after I start it, I let the loop go over my wrist, then catch it.

Sounds possible, if I’m interpreting what you’re saying correctly. Probably extremely difficult, and will probably give you a whole lot of knots if you miss it, but I would say it’s most likely possible. I’ll try it and see if I can get it to work.

EDIT: Just did it. Not very smooth and took a good amount of tries, but I did it. So, yes. Possible. Just need to smooth it out now…

Takeshi has a behind the back 5a version haha.