Is this the best beginner yoyo?

I do not presume to have the answer to this. For sure it’s one of the best yoyo for the price, here’s my quick review. Don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe if you like it!


Just bought one for my father in law who wants to start yoyoing again after a long time away. I think that’s the best beginner yoyo available right now.

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If you don’t want to spend another $7 to get a First Base, it is great. The First Base is amazing because it’s great responsive and unresponsive and comes with a bearing for each setup. The Crystal may come with two bearings also, but it depends where you get it from. Mine came unresponsive with no extra bearing.


Yeah, it cost less than 10$ in that case though.

Totally agree!

I really like how these look.

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I think I paid 12.99, but if it’s less than $10, even better deal.


I really wish the yoyojam classic was still getting made as I think it was the best beginner throw. Great price and the o-ring response stayed grippy for longer. Easily upgraded to unresponsive though and super durable.

@AndreBoulay wish you could resurrect this throw for beginners.


Agree, great throw for a great price. The First Base is kind of its modern day equivalent IMO.


Agree. I wish I knew the existence all these great throws when I started. I literally bought the first thing I found without knowing anything about it. It was a velocity, not the worst at all, but not nearly a long spinner as the crystal or the first base.

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