Is this setup okay??????

I have a dark magic black… when it first came the yyj bearing didn’t act like i thought it would… i could only get it to spin for about 1:30. I don’t know if thats right or not so i cleaned it and still didn’t spin fast… so i got a new centre trac cuz i was on a low budget, then that saved me but it still snagged because of the o ring. so i filled the grove with flowable silicone and cleand the centre trac cuz it was slowing down.

so now my setup is a dark magic, siliconed, and with a centre trac bearing… is it good?

It’s good enough IMO.
And maybe adding shims will deal with the snagging better. Beecause it will make the gap bigger, thus will make the string further to the response.

IMO the stock bearings are great also, I feel that KK and center track bearings can make you a kind of lazy thrower, but yes the addition of a spacer set as Kristiawan said, will decrease the responsiveness of your DM, also you can sand down the starburst and recess it making it dual sili groove.

I’d say that’d be my personal favorite setup for the DM. Add a red YYJ shim to each side and it’s perfectly unresponsive. Although I personally never had a problem with response and snagging with a fully tightened gap, you probably will need the shims to get any sort of centering effect out of the Center Trac, since the dip is only on the very outside of the bearing. Otherwise, you might as well be playing with a flat bearing.

Yes, that’s good. But Dark Magic’s always only sleep for a 1:30. That’s the standard sleep time for the Dark Magic. I would of just left it alone. But it probably has better playability now. So you made the right choices I guess.

Lies… A DM can sleep much longer than that.

well now i got some alchemy string and it only snagged when i had the o ring in… i was just wundering.

als is a grind machine good? and is the speed dial good too?? im just looking for a good all plastic so yeah