Is this Messiah real?

Recently I’m trying to trade for a Messiah and I found a seller who also wants what I have. However, I’m not sure if this is the real thing. I have a fake sleipnir’s box that does not match the box in the picture, so I am inclined to think that it is real. But it could be a real box fake yoyo.

BST ratfacedudeguys handy dandy guide go take a look at it!

I have already. The messiah he used was the old logo, so it is difficult to compare. Just going off the box, I think it is real, but I need to be sure.

Ask for more close up pictures. The more pictures, the easier it is to tell.

close up of engravings as well as pictures of the yoyo opened

Check for a “chip” in the ano near the response similar to the one in my picture. It’s a non-anoed spot. I believe all or most authentic YYR’s have this “flaw.”

Gonna ask for more pics then.

Agreed, my friends Mr. Butcher (red), Sleipnir (blue), and my grey blink have the same flaw. this isn’t always going to work, but it does for the majority of us.

So I got the pics which for some reason I cannot post here. Strange.
I decided to trade for it since all signs pointed that it was genuine. Engravings seem good, was bought from a local trustworthy japanese yoyo collector, silver right sized axle, chips on response area.