Is this Legit?

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Lol, just saw this.  If this is real then I am officially impressed.

What do you think?


I’m sure it’s real


Yeah, I’m sure it’s legit. I’ve seen videos of people eli hopping a nerf dart in flight so this is definitely possible.




I saw this video a couple years ago (before I gave up and then came back) and I’m still tryin to figure it out.



That’s the video I was talking about! Thanks, LeftyLink =)



LOL sweet vid!


I’m sure it’s possible given enough tries, but no in that video it’s not legit.


I’m sorry, but the camera is way to close for it to be real.


That one’s done with an air compressor

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That’s what I was thinking.


guys, there is no question about. the dog is real.


Now that I think about it. The majority of things Janos does with a yoyo seem impossible.


neat I imagine how many tries that took…

(major_seventh) #15

Yet why would they do a close up on the dart and not just zoom in? Although I see what you’re saying.


It’s clearly fake. I mean it is possible, but the video isnt real. The reasons:

  1. Even frame by frame you never see the dart actually hit the board, it’s already in there when it cuts.

  2. The camera is very close to the dart, as proved when he backs up rather than zooming out. Firstly, nobody is going to put themselves or their camera THAT close to a flying dart, and secondly, even if they did, you’d be able to see them in the previous wide angle shot. It would take 2 camera men.

If one is to believe this video IS real and done with only one camera, then you’re believing that that camera man ran up to the board and positioned the camera right next to the dart whilst in mid flight. That’s just not happening… not safely anyway.

It’s clearly just a bit of middle eastern humour. Possible with enough tries though.