A just for fun video :)


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That was soo awesome!

If you have a spare sibling and a nerf gun, you should do it! Its so fun!

The feeling when you hit the dart… So nice. I call it the “Nerf Dart Challenge”

That was so cool! Have you done that with Xploders? It’s a bit more messy,but it’s worth it. I did it with my 7 year old brother. No video of it,unfortunately. :’(

How many takes did this…take?


AIMBOT! mods ban this boy HAHAHA :wink:

Actually only one… And it was only a 56 second take, I tried twice and missed, and then the third time I made it. Surprisingly.

Eek the video was shared by General Yo on facebook!/Bump!

Wow! That’s awesome!

AND YOYOSKILLS IM DYING IM SOOOO HAPPY RIGHT NOW: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=12927

Wow that was really cool! Looks like it took a lot of skill and fast reflexes!

AHHH Drew Tetz and Chris from CLYW shared it on Facebook!!!


That’s huge!!!

Your getting famous nemyo!

Thats the goal :wink:

It will hopefully get people to watch the videos where I actually yoyo haha

Or you just keep doing silly stuff to entertain them.

Dude! You’re getting famous! You have so many views on it!

I know man its kinda getting crazy! Ive gotten roughly 700 views today only!

Any ideas for me to do?