Is this a Lasso? Please help!

If you can, please tell me if this is in fact a lasso, and if it is, what kind- is it like 180 or 360 or what?  Thank you!

Do you mean Laceration? It looks like he just threw a slack around the string while he poppe it up in mid air.

it is lasso

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No, I know for sure it’s not a laceration, but I don’t really know what it is actually haha. yairhonig says it’s a lasso, and it looks just like the videos I’ve seen of lassos, but I still don’t know if it’s like 180 or 360 or what

yea i believe that is a lasso. Here is a good one by malcom chiu LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE YOURS :slight_smile: srry caps

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Yup, that’s a lasso.

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SHOOT! I wanna learn that!!! Are there any tutorials?

With you on that one

Not that I know of, but I will make one in the future for you!


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Hahaha thanks :wink:

But I do have quite a long list of tutorials to do right now so it might be a little while…