Is There Anything I can add to my YYF Genesis?

(Twitchy O_o) #1

So yeah is there anything i can add to it? Also Whats The difference and whats your opinion about the koncave and center track bearing? im having trouble deciding.


I like the Center-Trac better. But if you really wanna mod the Genesis, try the Catsup mod.


Get it powdercoated. It’ll look cool but won’t grind as well.

And I wouldn’t change the bearing. If you do, get a Center-Trac.

(SR) #4

Same here. I have both bearings. Center Trac is really good, and definately a cheaper option.


I think the genesis is cool as the way it is.
I also like it with konkave better, not for no reason.
I tried center track also, and in my opinion, konkave is better for me.