Is there any yoyo video games out there?


Just wondering


Probably not… Probably not in a long time either.


Spin Master.


this is the closest they’ve come


Why would you want that?


Here is a list via google.


Star tropics is a pretty awesome game


no, sorry, that doesn’t count


let’s not forget that Duncan made a yo-yo web game years ago as a contest promotional thing… was a decent little flash game. No idea if it’s still up anywhere.



There was SSB Melee on the gamecube and Ness has a yoyo haha


That was actually fun, I hope it still exists somewhere.


Haha. Part of the reason I started yoyoing is because I got really bored of the new videogames coming out. Military shooters as far as the eyes could see. I really don’t enjoy those type of games. I like colorful games. They’re getting rarer and rarer.

Yoyo’s are colorful and more entertaining. :smiley:


Or you could just pick up a yoyo and play with the real thing.


There is an iPhone app called “Yin the Master of Yo”