Is there a niche for Responsive 1a Yoyos?

So the feeling I’m getting from more than one source is that responsive 1a yoyos are dying. I asked Adam Bottiglia on the yotricks site, and he told me that for responsive 1a, nothing will take me farther than the Sage (OneStar).

The only other responsive 1a yoyo on yotricks is the DV888 budget metal yoyo. Other than that, they’re ALL unresponsive. Now I can bind pretty well on my Classic unresponsive, but I’ve mentioned before that I find it less friendly to other people since I can’t let them handle it, and I can’t casually throw it around while munching a bar with my other hand.

So my question is - is there still a place in the yoyo scene for 1a responsive yoyos? Has anyone actually tried to push the limits of a responsive 1a and seen how far it can go? What’s the “stopping point”? How far will a DV888 take me?

Or do I ultimately have to accept the reality that responsive yoyos dominant only for looping?

I’d pick up a No-Jive and get into the fixed axle game. That’s where it really gets fun. People are really pushing the limits of fixed axle.

There are definitely tricks you won’t be able to do with a fully responsive yoyo, but there is definitely always room to push the limits of anything.