Is the twisted trifecta super quiet?

That’s what I’ve heard. Is this true?

They are fairly quiet. I Dry Play treat all mine so they all make that Terrapin X whiz sound.

New, yes, pretty quiet. 2nd quietest concave/grooved bearing Ive ever used, behind the 10-ball KK, that thing can nearly match if not match a OD 10-ball bearing. But like all bearings, after some use, they will get loud, just clean them when it does.

If you are planning to get one, get a buddha ripple. It’s LITERALLY the same bearing but cheaper…

They are decently quite they are a good 10 ball they aren’t near as quite as a GenYo aigr but I’ve not found a bearing as quite yet.

But you have an added benefit of the center groove and the highwalled outside that slopes down into the center groove.

So you have do decided do you want almost silent flat bearing or slightly louder with better string centering features.

Mines quiet but it depends on how you lube and things like that